Documentary on video game player Keith Apicary

                            The final episode of Talking Classics is coming soon to watch. Check the trailer too


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Hey all of you guys an update on Keith APicary documentary Talking Classics. Keith is working inside a show for Adult Swim called       Youth Large alright!  In the show Keith will be acting for himself and playing games and hanging out with his brother and friends its so cool. 


 Look the Dreamcast 2 music video by Keith and FantomenK

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t                  Look at its the cool new MUSIC video from keith Apicary.

         Classic Gaming Wiz  (Blue Hedgehog Remix) by James Brady



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                          Keith Apicary went on tour. Check out the videos and come on

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            Here it is the Metal Slug Movie click here    --->                Metal Slug on


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                          Check out whats inside at the new Forums. Thanks to Marulu for hacking the net and creating a cool cyber club for us to all hang.                                                 

  Plus what's great is Keith just doesnt just play video games he plays education.

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Keith Apicary is a guy whos loves to play video games. You name it he loves the classics. Neo Geo, Sega, NES, Lynx, Video Games, Game Boy. Thanks for coming to visiting our web. Keith is in this pictured with his custom single slot Neo Geo MVS cabinet with 100 in 1 cartridge                                         Read more about in the talking Classics episodes on line here it is                            

 watch new episodes  here 




Keith  bio

AGE - 28years old

Gender - guy

 HOBBIES -Watching Rambo movies, Mad Max and other ones and playing Metal Slug in the arcade and likes cool drinks that taste good to relax

 Loves - to play video Games

Location - is located in Woonsocket RI

 Motto - "SEGA!"

 Welcome to the official site for it.

 Feel free to browse around at all our features and read about Keith Apicary. Keith is an guy who has a passion for video games but who cares what people think. Hehas natural talents like can beat Metal Slug on one life in under 25 minutes making it a record. Watch him in the documentary Talking Classtics on And and on the internet thanks for watching.

     Tips on playing video games from Keiths self.


Step1.  Video games are invented for just hobbies and fun. Video games arent gambling.

2. Use video games under neath safe circumstances instead of during driving around. Even portable ones are prohibited then

3. Ever since they became invented its been so great. Today now theyre even more advanced. But video games arent real life. They're just for imagination.

4. Never mash buttons. Thats not it. Learn combos and boss patterns to complete games, win high scores and have girls see it too. 

5. Sega genes is has a space ship style shape. I bet aliens love to play it.

6. Aliens probably get games a few months before the U.S. does cause they live inside the future. 

7. If I was aliens I would be even batter at Streets Of Rage 2 becase I 'd use space and stuff to enhance my reactions and win. 

8. Other tips - go to arcade on the weekend with friends and see you the real best is. Its ok and still fun for everyone even guys whos lose because it's still video games.

                                                    talking Classics jpg


travel the world wih imnagination

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